Outgrowing your legacy System?

Outgrowing your legacy Database System can be a frustrating experience. But if you are like any other Business Owner or executive, you are packed with work commitments and you don’t have the time to sit and evaluate so many cloud-based systems for your data.

Here is a brief description

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a product designed to lift the pressure of bookkeeping for SME’s and bring in a more complex Inventory Management solution to the table. Unlike your legacy systems or online Financials Applications such as Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB, it has a customisable interface. This means you can change virtually anything in the system to suit your needs, you can even add your own creative functionality to it; in fact, Microsoft encourages you to do that and often helps you do it. Because it makes the software more robust and gives them more ideas to improve it and sell more and more and more. Ok that’s enough!

Do you use Office 365?

Almost every company I know uses Microsoft Office (and now Office 365) to build sales and marketing collateral and to plan, invoice and communicate with their clients. The last missing piece in the circle is being able to organise that communication by client, or by product line, or even better for some companies by project.

This is exactly what Dynamics 365 Business Central can offer you; a great way to link you back to Office 365, Outlook and Excel to organise your company financials, customer service, project management and financials. All under the one roof.

Oh, and wait for this, the new way Dynamics 365 is going to be updated (starting from October 2018 release) means you never have to worry about updating the software, or worry about missing out on new features, because everything will be shipped to you with a click of a button to turn on or off a new feature.

Speaking of shipping, the system also allows you to do drop shipping and back-ordering with a fantastic Supply Chain management module.

Let’s walk you like a baby!

If you want to get a walkthrough of the system, hit us up, we can come to your office if you are in Sydney Australia or we can come to your office virtually if you are outside Australia.

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