Empower teachers and engage students

Transform the way you deliver your courses using technology. Reduce teacher workload and improve student monitoring and engagement. Choose UHS Logic as your Microsoft Education Partner of choice to help you enhance learning and teaching…


Improve Productivity & Teamwork

The UHS Logic team works with educators and education manager to research and discover the best technology application for end-to-end education solutions. Our aim is to help you manage your school more efficiently and get better student improvements.

Each of our solution areas aims at inspiring students, empowering educators, and improving learning outcomes.

Create amazing content for your classes and collaborate in real time.

Bring student experiences to the cloud with an amazing suite of applications and tools by Microsoft. All for free. These tools help your school increase productivity, have better insight into the performance of your students and forecast enrolments.

Bring teachers, students and parents into creative teaching.

Discover the magic of Microsoft Teams in the classroom and learn how you can bring your creative teaching ideas into the classroom. Engage your students better and provide rich learning experiences.

Get instant analytics and understand the operations of your school in one holistic view. Create your own custom charts, views and dashboards to help your administration teams make better decisions.

One user-interface for you and your admin staff members to manage all aspects of the school.

Streamline your operations and automate your student and parent relationships with a state-of-the-art CRM solution.


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