It seems like an upgrade from 8.2 to 9.0 of Dynamics 365 will cause the following:

1. The field service solution upgrade to fail: Confirmed by Microsoft that this is a server side bug during the upgrade and they are working on it. It is not as simple as a hot fix and they will probably take a little time to sort this one out.

Solution: Awaiting DYN365 Technical Support response (Updated 22 May 2018).

2. Some of the ribbon buttons might stop working (Important ones like Qualify, Add Product) – this is different for different instances.

Solution: Awaiting DYN365 Technical Support response. (Updated 21 May 2018)

3. Some entities will not create at all (unexpected errors) (I have seen the Quotes entity so far throwing this). Others currently affected also include Order Lines.

Solution: Awaiting DYN365 Technical Support response. (Updated 22 May 2018)

4. Some other issues reported by clients:

A. Field security broken on one field which was no longer listed under Field Security Profiles (& could not disable it either as it said I don’t have sufficient premissions-> Sys Admin role)

B. Unable to open Documents from entities

C. ClientUtility not found script error in SalesHub

D. Customisation of any App generates error and can’t edit it

A fresh install of V9.0 on the other hand can result in:

1. Unable to add workflow to the Order Line entity – so avoiding the use of the order line entity in your customisations is smart.

SOLVED (requires raising a ticket with Microsoft): Microsoft says that this has been fixed by an update, the fresh install of the Organisation version: and SG Version: (Scale Group) are not the same. We assumed that the issue will be fixed in Org Version: so I raised a ticket with Microsoft to upgrade the Organisation version to match with the SG version. This should fix the problem above.

Added to the list of upgrade issues on 22 May 2018:

I have another 2 to add to the list:

  1. At least one of our custom entities can’t be created via a subgrid. Creating the child entity first and then setting the parent lookup works OK, but when using the new button on a subgrid or associated view results in an error “Invalid Argument: System.ArgumentNullException:
    Value cannot be null.” This is thrown by an internal CRM method: Microsoft.Crm.Metadata.ServerDynamicMetadataCache.TryGetEntity(String entityName, NameMappingType mapping) The parameter
    entityName is the one that is null. Before anyone asks, there are no custom plugins or workflows in play. This worked fine in V8.2 and was broken as soon as the v9 upgrade was completed.
  • Organization Insights – interactive dashboard is broken in V9. For us the whole dashboard failed to load (spinning icon). After uninstalling and re-installing the Org Insights solution the dashboard loads, but the calendar controls are broken, so you can’t
    filter anything by date range.

Issue 1 – no response from Support in 9 days!!! That’s right 9 days after upgrading our production instance, and raising a ticket to support, I’ve still had no response. I can see the ticket in O365 Admin, but no response.

Issue 2 – response after 5 days…. Support are aware of the issue and they say the Product Team are aware. They also recommended I enter a suggestion in the ideas pages?! Errr…. I suggest the Product Team fixes it :). Support ticket closed. Back of the
net! “Thank you for choosing Microsoft, we hope you have a good day”. Grrrr.

Some also reported:
Unable to open documents on document enabled entities after the upgrade.

If you are planning to upgrade, ensure that you:

1. Update your testing/sandbox environment first and do thorough testing on the above issues (given that your sandbox is identical to your production).

2. Perform the upgrade at a time when your organisation does not rely solely on the system to function.

3. Contact your Microsoft partner to raise an internal ticket if issues arise as the response times tend to be better.

We are still looking for answers to the above. I saw some posts that are similar like this one and I hope we can get a fix soon.

28 May 2018 Update:

The list of issues continues to evolve as we move forward with the new V9.0.x updates.

Some fresh installs of V9.0 are also being affected in the same way, and the failures in the functionalities seems to be colourful and different for different clients. One thing that does seem to be common is the Order Line entity breaking in one way or another.

The system has also thrown SQL errors for some clients and this was seen to be directly linked to a version update rollout almost always.

Some clients are purchasing support plans from the Office 365 admin center but even that doesn’t seem to get resolutions fast enough. It is really up to the Dynamics 365 product team to work double time on this. Clients are certainly not happy and Microsoft partners are taking the heat.