You might think to yourself, is this even a question? Can an organisation not be ready for digital transformation?

The answer is an absolute YES. Many organizations continue to restructure and evolve their business processes. To the extent where they find themselves so disorganised that they are not sure which digital tool or software they should start with (ie financial, CRM, Marketing or other software). What you want to take from this is that you need your business processes defined, regardless of how complex they are, just put each process on one whiteboard at least and take a snapshot.

For technology to get it right, your organization must first get it right. You need to know what you want technology to do for you before approaching a digital transformation project. Otherwise you are looking at a failed implementation project, or even worse, an implementation project of a software you don’t even use.

No one wants to spend time organising business processes when they can be doing more important things right? Wrong, everyone should spend sometime doing just that before doing anything else. This is especially true for an effective and efficient digital transformation. You don’t only want your clients to see that your organisation is adopting useful customer-centred technology, you also want this technology to work, you want it to expand and you need it to simply work.

So take your time to look at your process, pick the software and reach out to a technology partner now.