Security Innovation

Innovative Cyber Security solutions to help you craft your Cyber Security resilience and grow with confidence.

Tomorrow’s device security delivered today

Cyber Security threats are growing. This is why our team has partnered with world-leading cyber security vendors to bring you tomorrow’s innovation in device security today. We help our clients realise new value by solving their biggest challenges in device security with innovation in centralising management, detection and response capabilities.

Detect and respond in a timely manner

The need to adopt a new mindset for cyber security success is more relevant than ever before. Cyber Security threats are becoming more and more sophisticated, making prevention-only an outdated approach.

Organisations with successful cyber security strategies are those that detect and effectively respond to data breaches in a timely manner. The abiliy to detect and respond to cyber security threats is one of the top challenges of Australian businesses today.

As a Cyber Security specialist and partner, UHS Logic provides organisations with innovative solutions to top cyber security challenges.

Comply with privacy regulations

Did you know that new privacy regulations in Australia (OAIC) and Europe (GDPR) mandate public disclosure of data breaches?

Organisations in Australia and Newzealand are becoming increasingly more aware of the threat of cyber security data breaches to their reputation and customer trust. Therefore, UHS Logic’s Cyber Security practice helps organisations with special requirements ward off sophisticated cyber attacks by performing Security Compliance and Risk Assessments and deploying innovative Cyber Security Solutions.