New mindset for Cyber Security Success

Did you know that one in two Australian businesses have been fined for being in breach of new legislation in the past two years? (2019 Telstra Security Report).

Start building your Cyber Security resilience, manage cyber security threats and improve compliance with UHS Logic™.

Minimise human error

Traditional cyber security challenges such as human error continue to top the list of major security hazards for Australian businesses. Often caused by inadequate cyber security strategies or employees not understanding their organisation’s cyber security policies, cyber security risks related to human error can be mitigated with effective Cyber Security Awarenss programs.

In collaboration with Microsoft, Trend Micro and MacAfee, UHS Logic has developed a unique approach to delivering standard and organisation-specific Cyber Security Awareness learning programs with multiple touch points.

Detect and respond in a timely manner

The need to adopt a new mindset for cyber security success is more relevant than ever before. Cyber Security threats are becoming more and more sophisticated, making prevention-only an outdated approach.

Organisations with successful cyber security strategies are those that detect and effectively respond to data breaches in a timely manner. The abiliy to detect and resopnd to cyber security threats is one of the top challenges of Australian businesses today.

As a Cyber Security specialist and partner, UHS Logic provides organisations with innovative solutions to top cyber security challenges.

Comply with customer privacy regulations

Did you know that new privacy regulations in Australia (OAIC) and Europe (GDPR) mandate public disclosure of data breaches?

Organisations in Australia and Newzealand are becoming increasingly more aware of the threat of cyber security data breaches to their reputation and customer trust. Therefore, UHS Logic’s Cyber Security practice helps organisations with special requirements ward off sophisticated cyber attacks by performing Security Compliance and Risk Assessments and deploying innovative Cyber Security Solutions.

Manage Security with Microsoft Security and Compliance

 Threat Detection and Control

Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Business editions help organisations better manage cloud activities.
Your SME or Enterprise can define policies and alerts, learn about cloud usage, manage apps, and get information you needed to learn, analyze, and identify suspicious user or device behavior.
Microsoft invests in the latest technology to gather and present the latest cybersecurity information to you. For example, password-based protection exposes businesses to risky user behavior, including recycled and easily hacked passwords. Today’s modern workplace calls for modern credential verification tools. UHS Logic™ can help you replace passwords with strong two-factor authentication, and better protect credentials against persistent threats.

 Cyber Security Awareness

UHS Logic™ offers customized and standard IT Security Awareness Training for your team of any size.
Developed by certified Cyber-security Experts, our Cyber Security Awareness training materials are available to organizations of any size and are updated regularly with the latest security risks, threats and strategies.
Help your employees learn about staying vigilant in an ever-changing cloud environment by subscribing to our Cyber-Security Awareness Training Program.

Available delivery methods:

  • Instructor-led in-house training
  • Instructor-led online virtual training
  • Self-paced online virtual training

 Built for SME & Enterprise Clients

Microsoft remains one of the corner stones of technology and recognises Cyber-Security as one of the most important aspects in cloud computing.

Microsoft 365 is purpose-built for SME (Microsoft 365 Business) and Enterprises (Microsoft 365 E3 and E5). The depth and breadth of Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance should cover your enterprise security requirements.

Microsoft 365 is an integrated solution that includes Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10 Enterprise that empowers everyone in your organisation to be creative and work together, securely.

 Identity Protection

Effective Identity Protection enables your organization to protect data from unauthorized access and identity threats.

Get protected anywhere in the cloud by building an Identity Security Perimeter with state-of-the-art Microsoft Cyber-security Solutions. Have more security intelligence and detect credential theft.